Loose Leaf Herbal Tea for Mom

Loose Leaf Herbal Tea for Mom is one area of Tea making we specialise in.  We are proud of our two teas, Mama’s Bump Tea and Mama’s Making Milk Tea specially created for the Pregnant Mom and for the New Mom. Whilst our Lady Mojo Tea caters for all women who need a little help through the difficult days of the month.

Mama’s Bump Tea sometimes known as our Loose Leaf Anti-Nausea Tea is great for pregnant Moms experiencing their first bouts of morning sickness. Ingredients include Raspberry Leaf, Organic Nettle Leaf, Organic Red Clover, Organic lemon Balm and Organic Marshmallow Root.

Mama’s Makiling Milk Tea is for our new Mama’s who are feeling a little overwhelmed and finding it hard to produce enough milk. Ingredients include Fennel, Raspberry Leaf, Nettle and fenugreek.

Lady Mojo Tea is great for balancing Hormones particularly during those difficult days of the month. Our Loose Leaf Tea uses the power of the herbs Blue Sage, Yarrow, Lemon Balm, Chaste Berry and Lemon Verbena.

All of our Loose Leaf Teas are herbal only, no other ingredients are added.

There are no added preservatives, flavours, colourants or fragrances.  They are gluten free, free from soy and corn and are vegan friendly.

Organically grown and locally sourced.Loose Leaf Herbal Tea for Mom, whichever one you choose is a great choice for solving a problem whilst providing a delicious cup of tea

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