Loose Leaf Herbal Tea

Loose Leaf Herbal Tea is what we are famous for as we strongly believe in the quality of the loose leaves we put in our herbal blends.  These loose leaves are what sets us apart from store-bought tea as so many of these are package in tea bags. The difference between bagged tea and loose leaf tea is seen in the quality of the leaves.  Bagged tea is traditionally the shavings or residue of the loose leaves and is therefore regarded as inferior.

The whole loose leaves offer a better taste and are fresh.  All of our herbs are locally sourced this imbues them with freshness.

The loose-leaf herbs are specifically chosen for taste and efficacy when creating a blend by our master herbalist. All fo the teas are original blends created uniquely for Time for Tea.

We are very proud of our Loose Leaf Herbal Tea labels we have created and you find out more about each tea here on the below links:

Mama’s Bump Tea

Mama’s Making Milk Tea

Lady Mojo Tea

No More Counting Sheep Tea


So Slim Tea

Teatox Tea

Each and every tea only contains herbs there is nothing else added.

There are no preservatives, flavourings, colourants, or fragrances.

No Soy, Corn or Gluten is added and they are Vegan friendly.

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