Loose Leaf Tea

Loose Leaf Tea is what we specialise in as its the finest type of tea to enjoy.  There is a marked difference between ‘whole leaf tea’ and bagged tea and this is found in the quality of the tea leaves.  Bagged tea is most often of a lower grade as it is the leftovers of the full leaves. The leaves in bagged tea are far smaller almost dust-like known as fannings. Full leaf tea is distinguished by individual leaves.

Some Tea merchants create high-end teabags that include whole leaves but often the tea bag is too small to allow for proper infusion.  The pyramid type tea bag or tea sock is perhaps the best as both allow for expansion of the leaves.

That said Loose Leaf Tea is still the choice of a tea connoisseur. Those who love tea know that it is not all about the leaves. The process of steeping and preparing the tea is part of a ritual that makes full leaf tea drinking so calming and enjoyable.

All our Full Leaf Teas are organically sourced and grown.  Our teas are exclusively created from herbs.  There are no additives i.e. preservatives, colourants, flavourings or fragrances.

There is no Soy, Corn or Gluten and are vegan friendly. they are caffeine-free. Making a pot of our full leaf tea involves. ritual in selecting, choosing a teapot, steeping the leaves and finally enjoy from a favourite cup. This ceremony allows life to slow for a moment while you take time out to enjoy. This is great for the mind and the body.

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