Hangover Loose Leaf Tea

Hangover Loose Leaf Tea the answer to a dreaded morning after the night before. Hangover Tea is also known as our Teatox Tea, a very powerful loose leaf tea that quickly rids the body of toxins. Toxins in the system create hangovers. The Loose Leaves make this Hangover Tea is so strong.  Unlike similar teas packaged in tea bags, the quality of loose leaves supersedes the strength of bagged tea. Our Hangover Tea is created from a range of organically sourced and responsibly grown herbs. Our herbs are locally grown and include: Stinging Nettle, Milk Thistle, Calendula, Lemon Verbena & Peppermint

Find out more about each of these herbs here: Our Healing Herbs 

This tea is sure to have you feeling better and ready to enjoy the day even after an all-night party.

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