Loose Leaf Hormonal Tea

Loose Leaf Hormonal Tea is a must-have for all women. This Loose Leaf Tea is an essential item for your tea cupboard. Our Hormonal Tea sometimes known as Lady Mojo Tea offers fast relief to hormonal imbalance. The loose leaves found in the Hormonal Tea include the herbs: Blue Sage, Yarrow, Lemon Balm, Chaste Berry and Lemon Verbena.  

Take a look at the benefits of these herbs here: Our Healing Herbs

Thanks to the Lemon Verbena it tastes great and offers a wonderfully soothing effect when hormones are running wild.

Our Loose Leaf Hormonal Tea is created out of herbs alone and nothing else is added. There are no artificial flavours, preservatives or fragrances. It does not contain Soy, Gluten or soy and is free from nuts.  It is Vegan friendly.

You can make wonderful Iced Teas for the Summer months when you use the is Hormonal tea as a base.  Take a look at our free downloadable Iced Tea Recipe book.

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