Loose Leaf Immunitea

Loose Leaf Immunitea is arguably one of our bestsellers. This is completely understandable given the year we have had. Everyone now knows how important our immune systems are and our Immunitea will help build and keep your immune system strong.

Loose Leaf Immunitea is a staple to keep in your pantry. Take it when you are feeling stressed or very tired, it will help to boost your system and make you feel you can cope better.

Enjoying our Loose Leaf tea is not only enjoyable and calming it benefits your health.

Ingredients include  Cancer Bush, Echinacea, Nettle and Lemon Verbena

All our teas are exclusively created from a blend of herbs and are caffeine-free.

There are no preservatives, colourants, flavourings or fragrances.

There is no Soy, Corn and is gluten-free and vegan friendly. Find out more about our herbs here Our Healing Herbs

This tea makes a great basis for Iced Tea, download our free Iced Tea recipe book and prepare for summer.

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