Loose Leaf Slimming Tea

Loose Leaf Slimming Tea is one of our bestsellers and for good reason.  Not only does it taste good it definitely helps with reducing fatty deposits. The loose leaves make it far more powerful than traditional bagged tea.  Loose Leaf Slimming Tea combined with a low carb diet goes a long way to getting your body Summer ready. Our Slimming Tea is sometimes known as ‘So Slim Tea‘ or ‘Green Tea’.

It is the quality and size of our loose leaves that give our teas the edge.  Premium teas are made from whole loose leaves unlike bagged teas and therein is the differentiator.

Our Slimming Tea is made exclusively from locally and organically grown herbs.

There are no additives such as preservatives, manufactured flavours, colourants or fragrances. The loose leaf tea is free from corn, soy and gluten an is vegan friendly.

This loose leaf tea makes a great base for creating Iced Teas during the warmer months.  Download our free Iced Tea Recipe book here.

The Loose leaf tea includes the herbs Green Tea, Nettle, Fennel,
Milk Thistle, Calendula, Penny Wort and Lemon Verbena

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