Post-Natal Loose Leaf Tea

Post-Natal Loose Leaf Tea is essential after childbirth helping to calm and strengthen your system.  Our Loose Leaf Post-Natal tea is crafted from entirely organic herbs. All our herbs are responsibly sourced and locally grown. The quality of the Loose Leaves in the Loose Leaf Tea makes the tea extremely effective. The leaves are specifically selected for their strength and combination of powers ensuring maximum benefits.

This is a herbal Tea and only includes herbs nothing else.

The herbs included are: Blue Sage, Yarrow, Lemon Balm, Chaste Berry and Lemon Verbena

There are no artificial colourants, flavours, fragrances or preservatives. It is free from nuts and is Vegan friendly. It is devoid of gluten, Soy or Corn. Enjoy knowing this tea is all good.

New Moms who are adjusting to the euphoria of becoming a Mom and the trepidation of the responsibility of looking after the precious new being will love this Tea. This Tea is also great for those times of the month when a little help is needed.

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