Teatox Loose Leaf Tea

Teatox Loose Leaf Tea is our leading Loose Leaf speciality Tea for clearing out the toxins found in the body. It is our Loose leaves that make this Teatox Loose Leaf Tea so effective. Further to this, we have added a composition of specific herbs that speed up the process of Detoxing. These powerful herbs not only work they taste good too.  Teatoxing, with Teatox, as we call it or detoxing, is necessary once in a while for wellness and health. A clean system is better able to combat infection.  The added benefit of an efficient body is weight loss due to increased metabolism.  Teatox tea includes these herbs and nothing else: Stinging Nettle, Milk Thistle, Calendula, Lemon Verbena & Peppermint.  All our herbs are locally sourced and responsibly grown.

Read more about the individual herbs here: Our Healing Herbs 

If you are unsure about the herbs consult a doctor first.

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